10 Photos 1 Day

It’s Mother’s Day week! What a better way to kick off the week then joining in on the ten photos in one day post that I have seen floating around! The idea is exactly as it sounds. You capture 10 photos throughout your day with you, your kids (and husband if you got one of those things. 😉 )

Sounds fun right? Well, I must say… this was a lot harder than I had anticipated. I for one don’t have a fancy camera, just my iPhone 7 plus. Also, its rather hard trying to take selfies of your every day life. I did the best I could to capture a day in the life of my son and I but as you will see, its mainly just my son. But hey, I am not complaining. He is pretty cute if I do say so myself! E


Our mornings always start off with me waking this cutie up. (More like dragging him out of bed!) Once he is out of bed, he will move to the couch to watch some cartoons while I get ready for the day!



Putting my makeup on for the day. *Photo cred: my 5 year old son!



Oh and I always have this cutie by my feet!



Next, we head off to preschool!



This isn’t an every day thing, but I was lucky enough to be working from home this day! It was beautiful out!



After I pick Kason up from school, he almost always goes straight to the pantry for a snack. He is enjoying some Transformers while he eats up!


Then we go outdoors for some fun before we have to head to T-ball! PS. Isn’t this tree swing awesome? It entertains him for hours!



Off to T-ball!




After T-Ball we hang out before heading to bed for the night.



I encourage all you mamma’s out there to give this a try! See if you succeed more than I did at capturing yourself with your kids. Even if it is just your kids, it will be fun to look back and see how much they have grown or what your days use to look like. I know I won’t be a single mom for long, so I enjoy all these moments with just my son and I!


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