Spring Cleaning

Is spring cleaning taking over anyone else life? All I have been doing lately is cleaning, purging and updating, around my house, and on myself! I am not sure what it is, but something inside me is screaming “New beginning!” and it would be rude not to listen to my gut, right? 😉 But for reals, I have been on quite the roll lately and my credit card isn’t too happy about it.  Let me explain…

Over the winter I decided to invest in updating my guest bathroom. My house didn’t have a bath tub when I bought it and I was getting tired of fighting my 5 year old to take a shower. (And lets be honest, I am obsessed with taking baths and I missed having one!) My sister’s boyfriend does flooring and tiling for a living so this was perfect. He would help me, and it wouldn’t cost me an arm and leg to do. The bathroom remodel didn’t take long, and the finished product made the space seem so fresh and clean. This is when I caught the bug… the spring fever bug.


I was eager to jump right into another project, my backyard. Now, there was nothing wrong with my backyard, it just didn’t feel ‘homey’ to me. I wanted a space where I could sit, drink my wine and watch my son play. I had this dead area next to my concrete patio that was sort of an eye sore. Thanks to Pinterest, I decided to remove it and put in a flagstone patio. I thought this was going to be an easy, inexpensive project that would take maybe a weekend to complete. I asked my dad to help me and we got started. Boy, was I ever wrong. This took about a month to complete and cost me over $1,500. But I am in love with the finished product and its definitely a favorite spot for my son and I to relax! (These pictures don’t do it justice!)


My house isn’t the only thing getting refreshed, I have been cleaning myself up too! A friend of mine told me about laser hair removal and I was skeptical at first.  I suffer from PCOS which causes a lot of extra hair growth on my body. No matter how often I shaved, it was never baby smooth and often looked like I hadn’t shaved. As a women, it was VERY annoying. I decided to give laser hair removal a shot and the results were so worth it. I no longer have to shave, and my skin looks and feels smooth. Depending on what you are getting lasered, it can be quite painful. I have done almost my entire body and underarms were definitely the most painful for me. This procedure also isn’t cheap. I signed up for a membership so I am able to do my whole body (as many times as needed) for a cheaper amount. *Sorry, sparing you the photos on this one!

As I said before, I am pushing 30. With that comes aging and wrinkles. I am all for aging gracefully but my crows feet were all I could see when I looked in the mirror. I decided to give Botox a shot. It was inexpensive and I am loving the results. My appointment took about 30 minutes and was painless. I would definitely recommend it! *Check out my angry 11’s! Even the technician was impressed! Now I know why everyone always thought I was mad!



Finally, I got an amazing deal on Zoom Teeth Whitening and had to give it a try. I already had white teeth but my addiction to coffee and red wine were starting the show. So I made an appointment to give it a try. I am so glad I did! I was able to get my teeth 3 shades whiter! The only problem is, you have to be super careful for 48 hours after your appointment so you don’t stain your teeth. That means no coffee.   This mom it addicted so that was definitely a down fall. But I survived and am loving my refreshed smile!



All of these changes have been great, but I think its time I cool it for a while! Haha! Let me know if you want to know more about any of my projects about or let me know if you have the spring cleaning bug as bad as I do! What have you done around your house or to yourself?


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